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DIY Embroidered Bangle

By Alison Strang

DIY Embroidered Bangle
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After lots of packing (phew!) I was left with all of these cardboard tubes that I knew would be perfect for a future craft project!

Using a tape measure and pencil, I marked every quarter inch on the outter edges of the tube as well as in the very center.

I found an alternate use for my leather punch with this project! The leather punch made this so easy. 

With my leather punch on a fairly small setting, I worked my way around the cardboard tube, punching a hole every quarter inch where I had previously marked. 

I broke out my stash of embroidery floss and decided on three coordinating colors. 

Then came the fun part. I knew I wanted a feater-like pattern so I started with the orange. From my starting point I used a small piece of tape to secure the end of my floss on the backside of the tube. I threaded the embroidery floss up through the first middle hole and counted four holes up and threaded back down on the outter edge. I then threaded back up through the first hole and then counted three holes up, where I threaded back down the same outter edge. Finally, up through the first hole agian and I counted two holes up and threaded down through the hole on that same outter edge. 

For the other side of this same pattern, I simply went up through that original middle starting point and repeated the steps, just threading the floss down on the opposite side this time. When you have one full "feather" completed, simply move your starting point up one hole and repeat. 

The blue edging was done by simply wrapping the embroidery floss one way all he way around and then back the opposite direction. I did this several times to fill in the gaps. Finally I layered the green over the orange. 

The possiblilities are endless with this embroidered cuff. I would really like to layer the different colors and patterns as much as possible to really give it some bulk and texture. 





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