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DIY Sequin Maxi Skirt

DIY Sequin Maxi Skirt
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This wasn't the easiest project in the world, but it also wasn't the hardest. It definitely had the sparkliest biggest, payoff! If you don't want to sew in a zipper, I would recommend sewing in elastic at the top instead. I'm a novice sewer, so if anyone has other tips or suggestions, leave them in the comments below!


- 1.5-2 yards sequin fabric (I got mine here)

- 1.5 yards lining fabric

- 1.5 yards 1" elastic (for around your waist)

- 9" invisible zipper

- bias tape (or scrap fabric)

- scissors

- pins

Lay out your sequin fabric flat on the floor or a table, and figure out which way the sequins lay. Cut your fabric in half first, measure and cut the front panel, then use that piece to measure and cut your back panel. (Leave the selvedge on at the top.)

Fold your lining fabric in half lengthwise and cut the same pattern - with an extra 1/4" seam allowance (since it has no stretch) and an extra 2" at the top. Starting at the top of your lining pieces, sew them together until about your kneecap and backstitch. Hem the remainder under on each side, creating side slits. I had to rip out my seams and do it this way because I could walk about as well as a pencil when I tried it on the first time! Hem the bottom seam under. 

Now for the elastic pocket. Tuck the top edge under by 1/4" or so and iron flat. Fold top down an inch, pin and sew all the way around, leaving 2"-3" open to put in your elastic. (I used a 3" elastic because that's what I had on hand, but you can use whatever size you want. Just remember to allow double your elastic measurement when you cut.)

Feed your elastic into the pocket you've created. PRO-TIP: Attach a safety pin to one end before you put it in to help guide it all the way around the waist. Once it's gone all the way around, pull both ends of the elastic out of the pocket and sew together with a zig-zag stitch.

Now for the sequin fabric! Right sides together, sew straight up one side, and then up the other side, leaving 10" or so at the top for the zipper. (If your machine doesn't allow, baste the pieces together, then snip the sequins off (not the thread!) where you'll be sewing.) 

To make sure the net fabric doesn't rip out when you sew in the zipper, you'll need to reinforce it with some bias tape or other fabric. Snip the sequins off the fabric until 1/2" in first, then cut a piece of bias tape the length of your zipper and sew it onto the back of the sequin fabric.

Read the directions on your zipper package. I did not, and thus did not iron down the zipper like I was supposed to. Oops. Pin your zipper to the fabric, making a zipper, mesh, bias tape sandwich. Make sure you put your zipper foot on, then sew it all together, making sure to backstitch. Repeat on the other side.

I wanted to make sure my sequins wouldn't get caught in the zipper, so I top stitched pretty close to the zipper. You can skip this step if you want.

Here is where I realized I'd have to make some darts in the back to get it nice and fitted. Put on your skirt inside out and get a friend to pinch and pin two dart for you. 

Take off the skirt, carefully repin a bit if you need to, then cut the excess fabric off. 

More snipping! Remove the sequins from the seam allowance, pin back together and sew it up! Yay! 

Time to try it on with the lining! I simply tucked the selvedge in under the slip, but I suppose you could use fabric glue to tack it down to the inside of the sequin fabric. 

LOOK HOW SPARKLY! I toned it down with a classic white tee, and I may or may not want to wear it every day. Try and stop me! 




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