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Macrame Plant Hanger

Macrame Plant Hanger
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This project was made using supplies from the September 2013 Whimseybox! You can buy the Whimseybox kit or individual supplies here

Cut one grey cord the same length as the yellow cord. Cut the remaining grey cord in half.

Find the halfway point of each cord and fold them, creating 8 strands. 

Slide on the ring and position it at the midpoint of the cords.

Find two long pieces of cord and seperate one to the right side and one to the left.

Now, make a figure "4" by crossing the left cord over the middle ones, and under the right. 

Next, bring the right cord behind the middle ones, and through the loop made by the left. Tighten knot all the way up to the top. This is a half-square knot and repeated over and over again, starting with the same side, you create a half-knot spiral. 

Repeat the same knot three more times. At this point, the knots will have started to make the spiral. 

To make it easier to tie, take your ring off its hook and rotate it to the other side. Tie another group of four knots, rotate and repeat every four knots until you have 6-8" of the spiral pattern.

Separate your cords into two groups. Each group should have a yellow, a short grey, and two long grey cords.

This time, you'll create a square knot by using the same knot as above (half-square knot), but with a square knot you repeat the knot on the opposite side. The right cord goes over the middle two, then under the left. The left cord then goes behind the middle two, then through the loop made by the right cord. Tighten. Tie the other half of a square knot to form a complete square knot (left over middle, under right; right behind middle, over left).

Do this several times to make a square knot pattern. A square knot will lie flat as opposed to a half-square knot which, when repeated, creates a spiral. Repeat the square knot sequence on the other side.

Start another square knot further down your cord a few inches from your last knot.

After two complete square knots (right, left, right, left), take one of the large wooden beads and slip it onto the middle two cords. It helps to fold the cord in half and push it through the bead as the frayed ends are difficult to thread through the bead.

Slide the bead all the way up to the knots. Tie two more complete square knots, securing the bead snugly between the groups of knots.

Starting a few inches down the cord, repeat the last series of two square knots, a bead, two square knots.

You have two groups of cord. Take one of the outside cords from each group and pair them up.

This time, you'll tie another square knot, only with no cords in the middle. Above is step one, and below...

... is step two. 

Tug to tighten. It helps to make sure the cords aren't twisting when you tie. 

Pair up the rest of the cords (make sure they are next to each other) and tie a square knot for each pair. 

Moving a few inches further down the cords, take one cord each from neighboring pairs and use them to tie another square knot. Leave 5" or so of space between. This will start to form a net. Repeat all the way around.

To finish off, you can just tie a knot with all the cords and call it a day if you want. Or if you're looking to get a little more fancy...

... you can make another spiral! Be sure to use your two longest cords for this part. Remember, left goes over middle and under right; right goes behind middle and over left.  Repeat for four knots, then rotate your ring at the top and continue until your ends are mostly covered by the spiral. 

You decide what you'd like the bottom of your plant hanger to look like. We decided to start with a spiral and then just let the remaining ends dangle. 

Now it's time to add more beads! This time, using a smaller bead, fold a single cord in half and push it through. 

Tie a knot under the bead so it won't slip off. Here you have the option of trimming the paracord and singing it for a finished look, or leaving it undone. The undone look reminded us of the frayed ends of traditional macrame, which is done with cotton cord. We love it!




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