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Meet the Team: Graphic Design Lead Alyssa Wible

Meet our designer, photographer and craft pro Alyssa Wible!

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DIY Stenciled Duvet Cover

Customize your bedroom with a one-of-a-kind stenciled duvet cover. We love this black and gold geometric design.

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DIY Inspiration Boards

Decorate your home or office with the images that inspire you! It's fast + easy with this hanger + foam core.

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Craft Blogger Cliches

We call ourselves out on all of our favorite trends!

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We love a good fashion DIY, and as soon as we saw the barbed wire headbands on the Fall 2013 Rodarte runway we got to work.

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A updated version of the classic craft - grab your wire or baker's twine and get started on your string art from the March Whimseybox!

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Meet the Team - Patrick Navarro

Get to know Whimseybox CTO (and lone guy!) Patrick

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Meet the Team - Bri Land

Meet Bri, the person who answers your customer service questions, shares daily craft inspiration on our blog and works with our friends at The Center to get Whimseyboxes packed and delivered.

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Meet the Team - Ashley Rose

Meet Ashley Rose, one of the people behind some of the awesome we've posted over the past couple of months! (You might also know her from Sugar Cloth!)

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Craft is Love

February tends to be a month saturated in over-the-top sweetness and messages about being in love. Well, we have a lover, and that lover's name is craft. It makes us feel good, it makes us happy, and it never judges us.

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Meet Whimseybox Community Manager Rachel Hobson

Get to know all about Rachel, what she loves to make and what she does at Whimseybox!

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Alt Summit 2013 or Bust!

We're so excited to be sponsoring and attending Alt Summit! Here's a peek inside one of our planning meetings. Hope to see you there!!

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How To Upload a Project to Whimseybox

The community section of Whimseybox is getting bigger and better every day. Want to share your own project? Here's how to do it!

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DIY Geo Stamped Calendar

Kick off 2013 with a stylish calendar you made yourself!

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New Year's Resolutions

The Whimseybox Team sits down to share their resolutions for 2013. What's yours?

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Stamp Carving Tips

Want a custom stamp but never tried stamp carving or block printing before? Here are some tips to get you carving in just a few minutes. (Look out - it's addicting!)

Whimseybox Holiday Craft Memories

We sat down to talk about our favorite part of the holidays. The food? No, the crafting! (The food is a close second, though!)

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The Whimseybox Story

Alicia gives some background on why she started Whimseybox.

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DIY Ball Chain Necklace

Looking for a statement necklace to accessorize your party dress? Here's a simple DIY made from hardware store materials that looks like an expensive designer piece!

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Craft Tip! Staying Organized

It's a universal problem among crafters and we at Whimseybox are no exception- what to do with all of our supplies! In this WhimseyboxTV we share a couple creative ways we keep our supplies organized but accessible and how you can use your Whimseyboxes to do it too.

DIY Block Print Totebag

Customize a basic tote bag by carving a custom stamp and changing out the canvas straps for oxblood leather.

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Craft Tip! Using Ceramic Tiles

Finding creative uses for inexpensive tools helps you make the most of your craft budget and saves room. Alicia shares one of her favorite budget buys - a simple tile from the hardware store that she uses to work with polymer clay, roll out ink and even to photograph jewelry.

DIY Arrow End Stamped T-Shirt

Make an arrow end stamped DIY shirt.

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